Orbital Outfitters
Have Spacesuit - Will Travel

Orbital Outfitters is the premier manufacturer of economic, high performance space and pressure suits for the private and government space industry.

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Orbital Outfitters Announces New Midland, TX Facility

Who We are

We are a team of space professionals devoted to filling needs for space exploring adventurers. Our two primary lines of business are the development of space and pressure suits and the fabrication of full scale vehicle mockups for either engineering or PR purposes.

From the inception of Orbital Outfitters, the sky has never been a limit for us. Our work with NASA during their space suit trials and our mock-up creation of the XCOR Lynx have allowed our team to thrive and exercise our passion for space exploration.

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What We Do

We have assembled a top-level team of experts, craftspeople and manufacturers in the fields of space suit theory, design, manufacture and utilization, including human factors, space medicine and engineering. Our team specializes in Space Suits, Moc-ups and Space Diving theory…

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